Wool-En-Design Artworks

Nuno Felted Scarves and Wraps


As an artist I create all my scarves by hand using silk and wool. Each design is unique and inspired by different people and parts of my life. 

Merino Wool Cowls and Scarves


Great as every day items, or as something to keep you warm. Each piece is created by hand using roving and prefelt. I accent each piece with silks and buttons. I love working with color and abstract designs. Each piece is different from the next.

Purses and Bags


All purses are hand made with merino wool and silk and finished with high quality hardware and handles are either made from felt or leather. As an artist, I always believe art should be functional as well as beautiful. So, I make sure that every felt artwork I make is something I know you can use.

Drape Vests

Felted Vest

Draped vests are comfortable and light weight. Each is custom made and decorated for the wearer. The vest is made with merino wool and silk chiffon. Wearing an art vest is a great expression of self.

Felted Hats


These felted hats are comfortable and functional. Each one is hand made from beginning to end and can be accented with feathers, straps, beads, or anything else.

Fine Art pieces

FIne Art

Fine Art pieces are those that are made for gallery shows and hanging in the home. 

Custom Orders are Welcome

Not seeing an item you really want?

I am happy to do custom creations. Please let me know if you have something in mind.


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